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Caslys developed a series of maps to help quantify the current state of biodiversity in the province of B.C. The work is part of the B.C. Biodiversity Action Plan. A key part of this assessment is the completion of a series of spatial analyses conducted within a GIS to help quantify current conditions: species and ecosystem irreplaceability, ecosystem loss, road density, temperature and precipitation change, air pollution, and timber harvesting. The results were then summarized in two atlases (Taking Nature's Pulse: The Status of Biodiversity in British Columbia and the Biodiversity Atlas of British Columbia) providing a ‘management picture’ to both help inform the Biodiversity Action Plan and present the results more effectively to stakeholders and the general public. More information on the atlases is available at:


bc biodiversity atlast
Human footprint map example
Seasonal temperature trends
Integrating photos and maps
Road and linear feature density
Coastal biogeoclimatic zones
biodiversity atlas
temperature trends
integrating photos and maps
road and linear feature density
Coastal biogeoclimatic zones
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